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With 11+ years’ experience in the book biz, we specialize in delivering dynamic and effective marketing, publicity, and author assistant solutions. Our specialty is creating engaging custom content and social media strategies.

We offer fast and flexible, results-driven assistance to our publisher and author clients, resulting in maximum exposure for an author’s book with readers and industry opinion makers.

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The demands on authors’ time has increased dramatically as the face of the publishing industry has changed. The days of write, send to editor, wait for publication date, celebrate . . . has gone the way of the Dodo bird. Now, it’s: Write. Interruption for emails. Slowly work back into the story. Break for social media updates. Re-read the previous passage and wonder what alien life form invaded when writing that last segment. Give up and write overdue blog post for publisher’s site. Tweet, develop extra content, or engage in any one of the plethora of to-dos that have nothing to do with finishing the book. This constant stop-and-start task mastering severely interrupts the creative writing flow.

That’s where Author’s Umbrella comes in. Whatever the need, Author’s Umbrella has got you covered.