Under the Umbrella

  • A Drop in the Bucket

    Need help with a one-time task? This level of coverage is your best bet. Maybe you need a series logo designed, reviews for an upcoming book, or editing assistance for a new website launch. Whatever the need, we’re happy to help at our rate of $60/hr.

  • A ‘Lil Drizzle

    Have a book coming out soon and need a custom promotional approach? Let us create a unique and innovative strategy to generate maximum buzz for your upcoming book release. We’ll work within your set budget to develop and execute a custom project plan for your book’s birthday or publishing event.

  • The Steady Downpour

    This option allows you to have a go-to person on call for all your publicity, marketing, and promotional needs. As a retainer client, you’ll have an ongoing relationship with us in which we take care of any and all parts of your career you want to hand over, so you can focus on what you do best: writing wonderful stories for the world to enjoy. For retainer status, you’ll pay a set fee each month, depending on how many hours you’d like Author’s Umbrella to work on your behalf. The tasks we perform depend entirely on your unique needs.

Ready to step out of the rain of to-dos falling on your head? Then contact us today to get the professional support and coverage you need.